Big round of applause for these courageous truckers and all who stand with them!! 👏🚛💪🚚🙌

Julius, I created a generic version (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-a-governing-body) of my “Letter to the Washington State Board” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-the-washington-state-board) that can be repurposed for other countries/states as needed. You may find it useful for your cause if you haven’t already seen it.

Dr. Mike Yeadon introduced it as follows at his Telegram channel (https://t.me/robinmg/13847) and in the comments at the original post (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-the-washington-state-board/comments):

“This is simultaneously the best letter / technical summary AND among the best letters to politicians I’ve ever read. If you’re not moved by it, you’ve probably not understood the magnitude of the event it points to.”

“This is the most compelling summary of the sinister absurdity that is the Covid19 vaccination policy and also a powerful call to arms.”

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One other thing. My husband has his Fellowship (PhD) equivalent in immunology,hematology and virology. Right from the start he/we were suspicious and looked into EVERYTHING we could find and because the full facts were not seen and the mechanism of actions of these treatments we have decided not to be vaccinated. We believe we are beginning to see the medical tsunami of devastating results coming from those vaccinated we have seen reports of the side effects ,and know of deaths within a few days and now an old neighbour who reports that he had no immunity, no platelets, lung cancers and a body attacking itself. We are at the tip of the tsunami here

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I'm in the States, but the truckers have my support!

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Thank you Your article says about 99% if how I have thought these past few years of the Plandemic. What I have also seen however is how these so called open minded elites have stirred up huge resentment towards others who object. I have never seen such ugly sentiments in my whole life.

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You're right that China appointed party members to corporate boards but in their case it seems like they're guarding against a corporate run government, instead of creating a situation where monopolies can buy the government.

It's a fine line and we really don't know what will happen but you gotta wonder why all we hear about China is evil despite them not pushing mRNA and the lockdowns they did were short lived and specific unlike the west and Russia which push mandates.

Also, why is there public financing for oil in the first place? To start exploration when it was not lucrative. Those breaks weren't removed after it became a cash cow, leading to Rockefeller medicine that runs the world's medical systems!

What would have worked would be if oil and gas and electricity were nationalized, not state corporate, because then they are directly accountable for their poor service and high prices. Instead we have the illusion of the made up markets that excuse these issues.

Remember Enron? Deregulation pushed by the right and passed by Clinton gave us the mess. What market? They acted and they turned green because that's the new scam

Wage hikes are overdue. They have risen slower than investment income like housing. This was a market correction, but still not enough as many are still gig workers who don't really have a steady income.


its funny how always the socialism we get is the one that business makes, not the one that people make. There's never worker owned co ops just the corporate owned or government owned big businesses.

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Splendid article, which should be on the 'to-do' list of all our movers and shakers.

As I grow ever more disgusted, dismayed and cynical ,I wonder now whether the current round of Ukraine-related sabre rattling by the usual suspects has provided an all too timely get-out-of-gaol-free card for those very same suspects.

Biden and Boris are huffing and puffing and emitting much political hot air, while the unspeakable collateral damage inflicted during the past 21 months continues to take its toll.

Are they hoping to distract the plebs?

The UK is now facing soaring gas and elctricity prices, increases in NI contributions and rampant inflation, compounded by widespread and worsening food poverty and despair.

Many of those worst affected are working.

Net zero is still being pursued, matched by mass illegal migration- this nodded through by a Home Office not fit for purpose and a Border Force which objects to border controls ,having apparently gone woke.

Mandatory vaccination for NHS and nursing home staff is still waiting in the wings, despite increasing opposition, as even senior medics now start to speak out in protest.

Here in Sturgeonia, the chief Dominatrix has reduced 2 metre distancing to 1! Masking still with us though.

Dentistry is under severe pressure, as dentists are bossed about by paper pushers and told to continue enforcing the mind boggling restrictions: my practice has 200 hopefuls on its waiting list and treatment sessions are still severely curtailed.

The questionnaire is now done by telephone before one's appointment by stressed nurses, and door handles are still off limits to patients, despite the obligatory sanitiser gloops.

Plastic waste accumulates- Zero Waste anybody?- and pavements are littered with masks.

The sacrifice of the young is the very worst consequence of this psychotic strategy in my opinion: young children gagged ,jabbed and isolated, forbidden to learn and to socialise by blinkered gauleiters.

When will it end?

I'm still the only unjabbed unmasked QR--less person amongst friends, family and others. This is no boast, merely a sad reflection on what has befallen us.

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This gives me some hope: a Croatian MEP denouncing Latter Day Napoleon Macron, who seems to be in the grip of grandiose control creepery.

Has Macron forgotten French history? Is he planning another Grand Rafle to round up any citizens who have refused the jab?

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God bless you, Julius. This is one of the most important and complete open letters I have read in the last 2 years. Thank you for ALL the work and effort you put into this. It's truly remarkable.

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Who would of thought that we as Canadians and the world would be enslaved over a 'virus'...nothing made sense. Yet those that feared were the people that believed these lies, and then this was orchestrated so well. The buying up of media, to silence the truth....your articles Julius were empowerment to me! those articles kept my reasoning, also I wanted to give the world a taste of your truth! and I did , those that read I welcomed, and those that discredited the truths...I just prayed.. You are our hope Julius..and I hope that you get a chance to show the world that you did all your homework and you never once bought the propaganda of this evil, agenda. The lies were so obvious!!

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💪💪💪💪💪 from 🇬🇧🇬🇧 Brilliant, brilliant. Go truckers

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What you don't seem to understand, is that everything you accused the leftist tyrants of doing, is what they not only intended all along, it is what they are proud of. The sum total of your accusations is simply a description of the New World Order. It does not cause shame or guilt in the left, it is what they are ushering in to replace every principle, tradition, and moral value you thought society was built on. But the key word is "was". The covid scamdemic is a proxy for the final leftist takeover of society. They simply don't give a damn what you believe in. The NWO says you will now submit to authority, and you will think, say, and act as they tell you. Everybody knows the narrative is all lies, but the only thing that matters anymore is compliance.

If you haven't already figured this out by now, then you are living in denial.

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Thanks Julius, great article!

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Hope you can here us cheering you on from this side the Atlantic! State media is keeping this quiet, and so is private regime-affiliated media. Only the small so-called "alternative media" is covering it as of today.

Don't stop for anything but their total surrender!

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I read the ICAN Report a few days ago from Aaron SIRI, the principal and Lead Lawyer for Del Bigtrees' HIREWIRE group, a few days ago. It was a decision by the USA Supreme Court about OSHA enforcing the so-called Government of USA mandate for Jabs re companies in USA.

Think it was 6 - 9 vote. This email had a Judge of that Court (female) giving some of her reasons for siding with the Mandate.

Her words could have been straight from MSM or CNN USA. She was so so ignorant of Scientific FACT by confirmed Nobel Laureates and similar highly esteemed/qualified, experienced Scientists.

YOU echo my thoughts since first thinking in January 24th 2020 "what is going on here" re this man made spike in a flu virus.

Read - FREE DOWNLOAD book by Dr John Coleman, a former UK and then USA Intelligence officer who gives FACTS not hyperbole. and you shall deduce that UK "upper crust" is in this up to their necks & over, and has been for x hundred of years.

To me the area of LAW in Western Countries needs a TOTAL RESET and has for a very long time.

Having said this, I am now going back to my INBOX to open and read an Interview with a retired Judge about how workers shall possibly be affected by mandates and such illogical ...

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This is truly excellent, Julius. Thank you.

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