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thank you, Julius. as a (former) constitutional lawyer here in the US, this is exactly what I have been trying to explain to people since this fiasco began. "rights" are not "rights" if they can be dishonored by the government. there can be intelligent debate about where exactly the line exists between your rights and my rights, if they conflict, but the burden of persuasion in that case MUST always fall on the party wishing to impinge on those rights and NOT on the party whose rights are being impinged upon.

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Making power real! Thanks for your expositions.

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Words have so much power.

Freedom loving individuals are


a far better future. Bravo!

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You are correct, but there are no nebulous “leaders” trying to seize control. Instead, this scamdemic is the culmination of standard tactics by the usual suspects, who have been at it for over 60 years.

The left, aided and abetted by globalists, are hell bent on taking a normal situation and portraying it as some monumental crisis. They don’t have any valid problems to be solved, instead they just make one up out of whole cloth. This is SOP for the left, and the globalists are eager to take advantage of it. The purposes are: (1) a la Hegel, create a crisis to destroy the old order, allowing the left to replace it with their own constructs; (2) it doesn’t match some nebulous idealistic fantasy such as blank slate equality floating around in their tiny minds, so it provides an excuse to attack, such that (3) a predesignated enemy can be overthrown and destroyed.

The left seizes power to instigate a holy crusade, forcing endless quick fixes without ever solving anything. They use semantic games and fake moral imperatives to inflame the gullible masses. They also impose additional penalties on top of what would otherwise be normal outcomes, while pretending that their enemies have free choice. Examples are all around us, including global warming, Covid scamdemic, Russiagate, white privilege, misinformation, fascism, institutional racism, hate speech, etc. etc. ad infinitum ad nauseam. Progressively, step by step, your individual rights and freedoms are trampled into dust, while collective insanity and control are normalized.

We've seen it time and again throughout history, in the Soviet Union, mainland China, Cambodia, National Socialist Germany, and now this covid scamdemic. The left is eager to sacrifice you, your family, and your entire society on the bloody altar of their Holy Narratives.

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You show better understanding of the ethical problem we are facing than anyone else I have read so far. I think we are on the same page regarding human rights and the trolley problem vis-a-vis vaccine mandates and other harmful, coercive interventions. FYI, this is my position statement on the ethics of vaccine mandates: https://michaelkowalik.substack.com/p/email-to-australian-human-rights

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How do we fix this? But fix we must. And so the real fight begins. Getting people to realize and understand their RIGHTS matter.

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Great article. 100% spot on.

The only way to ensure that these nutjobs calling themselves politicians cease playing with the freedoms and rights of the people is to ensure they are held accountable for the damage of the past two years - the effects of which are only now begininng to hit the hardest.

A precedent was set in March 2020 when governments interfered in every aspect of human life. It should never have been allowed to happen. Liberty or death is what we should be demanding. We should be reminded that those who trade freedom for a sense of security deserve neither.

The saddest thing is though, as Huxley and Orwell knew would happen, there are far too many people across the world who are not only comfortable with slavery, but are actually enjoying it.

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