I’ve been following since the beginning of Covid. Your articles and books are incredibly well researched. You present facts and reason. Thank you for articulating so well the issues our society is facing. Keep up the good work!

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I'm about halfway through your essay. Beautifully written and thought provoking!

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Oh my goodness. Breathless. Glad to know there are still people who write like this and people who read. Without our myths, without our stories, we are nothing except empty vessels to be filled with any poison that comes along.

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You write in such a thoughtful, engaging way. I thoroughly enjoyed this article. It also causes alarm in me that many people are stuck in apathy and disinterest in the way the world is going. Keep up the great work!

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Profound essay, thank you again for your intelligence, insight and wisdom. 🙏💕

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You are doing a great job exposing frauds of the world!!

keep it up my hero!!

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I'm reaching out on behalf of Charles Eisenstein. Charles respects your work and would very much like to be in contact with you regarding his upcoming book "The Coronation," which features the essay "Mob Morality and the Unvaxxed." Is there an email address he could contact you on? You can contact me at sarahcforgacs@gmail.com

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Interesting article. However...

classical liberalism didn't come out of thin air. The idea of the dignity of the individual as a being of unique value is a Christian notion.

Locke was writing in a time when the population was homogeneous and that was a given in the unstated premisses of the argument; i.e. that there was a 'we,' a recognizable nation of persons connected by blood and culture.

Your use of 'we' to describe the present day states of the West is flawed, if not disingenuous.

There is no 'we' and no 'society' that can recover its past - these states are failing because they are multi-racial and the citizens have no shared blood or past.

Oh, and MLK, as history has shown, was a racist, communist, adulterer, plagiarist whose speeches were written by the Jewish communist Stanley Levinson. MLK didn't shame anyone.

The whole civil rights movement was not an organic movement any more than the War of Northern Aggression was a 'civil war' or that it was about slavery.

That is falsified myth taught to indoctrinate school children and you should be doing better than accepting these myths.

Finally, in keeping with the theme, you fail to give any credit as catalyst to the men behind the curtain, Jew and non-Jew, the wealthy elite who manipulate both politicians and public opinion through lies and deceptions.

We, if we were a 'we,' have a lot less ability to shape culture than Locke did 300+ years ago.

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